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As the New Year begins Qew Lunel is set to release his first single "Dreams"off of his sophomore album "Never Give Up" Featuring Mojiba Ase, Fyaworks & Mantse Superfly in early February of 2019. Its a very sensual & exotic record about finding someone so close to perfection it must be a dream. We all walk through life hoping to one day find that special someone who completes us. Someone to share & create those special memories. To build a life & a family with.

Qew Lunel, Fyaworks & Mantse Superfly each bless this record with beautiful lyrics, Melodies , Delivery , Embrassing the vibe & deliver the sexy through your speakers While Mojiba Ase with her sultry voice adds her own special touch of Poetry/Spoken Word.

Qew Lunel is definitely setting the bar high for 2019. Look out for the Never Give Up album set to release in spring 2019.


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Upscale Mixtape


Check out the brand new Upscale mixtape by Mantse Superfly where Qew Lunel is featured on 4 brand new song.  Definitely an album worth checking out


Qew Lunel & The all Fruits Ripe Band Live @Silvana's NYC 2017